I am a big fan of sending an actual piece of mail — card, letter, drawing, photo, whatever. (Big surprise from a print designer, huh!)

To me, it says, “I took the time to think about you, plan for this occasion and spent a little time to put this together for you.” I appreciate getting those things in return. As an adult, I’ve even started writing thank yous for the cards I get. As the older generations in my life pass away, I’ve noticed the birthday/holiday mail stack getting slimmer. I think I took their sweet messages for granted a little. So, now I’m adding a few new birthday wishes to my mailing list.

I seem to almost always be able to fill a card with my ramblings (about my kids, of course). But, I’ve watched my family struggle with what to say. To those people (and my stumped self), I’m making a list of message idea site:

All Kinds of Cards
Christmas Cards
Holiday Cards
Wedding Cards
Birthday Cards

My designer takeaway: It’s always worthwhile to spend the time to make someone feel thought/cared about.

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