A few years ago, my husband and I were invited to a wedding where everything on their registry was taken! So we came up with a silly way to give them money. I thought this would be a fun tutorial for you because there are many times where money is the best gift to give (e.g. for honeymoon cash, teens’ gifts).

Here’s what we did:
I took a plain paper bag and made a fun paper label to attach to the side. Then we filled it with shredded paper, Hersheys Hugs and Kisses and money (bills) folded into the origami hearts.

Here’s what you need:
1. Bag – paper or fabric
2. Label – Free Printable here or make your own


3. Money in bills and quarters (to insert, if desired)


Here is the tutorial for folding your money hearts!

4. Chocolate Hersheys Hugs and Kisses

My designer takeaway: A little creativity can make a boring gift memorable (especially unfolding all those bills to spend!)

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