This is just a fun little project I created more for the purpose of counting down to my mother’s retirement rather than actually preparing, but if it helps with that also we’ll call it a win.

I made her a planning list for each month of her last year of employment. These lists are centered around things I know she likes to do or wants to do. I kept the lists to just eight items; it’s enough to be a challenge, but not so many that it takes away the fun.

I printed these all off on scrapbook paper, stuck them in a clear sleeve, and gave her a fabulous binder I found with a wonderful quote (yay for inspiring quotes). I deliver each one in a 9 x 12 envelope, to keep them private, with a bundle of flowers. Since it’s still a secret at her office, it’s a fun little event for just us at the beginning of each month.

Some of the list pages

Some of the list pages

My designer takeaway: As a designer, we’re frequently ‘behind the scenes’ on projects. Every now and then, it’s good to see the results first hand, especially when celebrating.

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