Most of our kid birthday parties have been held at a park, but I have hosted two at our house. Both were outdoor parties, and I wanted an outdoor activity for the kids.

The first was my son’s third birthday. I got my activity idea out of a kids magazine. They had made boxes into cars for a drive-in movie at home. I took that idea and ran with it (almost literally). We made a bunch of cars out of paper boxes, spray paint and paper plates (wheels). We removed the bottoms of the boxes and added hand-holds so the kids could wear these cars. Then I printed out racing stripes, stars and Spiderman heads on sticker paper. The kids got to decorate their cars, and then these cars were meant to be raced. We made a race track in our yard with spray painted lines on the grass, a cardboard tunnel to go through, and a bridge (baby slide) to climb over. I loved this activity because three-year-olds have a lot of energy, and they got to run and yell. We have a couple of the cars left, and at age four, my son likes to play demolition derby with them.

The second party I did at home was my daughter’s first birthday. I struggled a bit with an activity for her party because we were going to have a mix of different age kids. It needed to be something that they’d all enjoy. She had a dinosaur themed party, and while searching through magazines for inspiration, I came across the Easter edition. That was it; we’d have a dinosaur egg hunt. What kid doesn’t love an egg hunt! Luckily I had a good stash of plastic eggs because it wasn’t spring, and they weren’t in the stores. I found some small plastic dinosaurs that would fit in the eggs as well as some candy. I loaded up more eggs that I’ve ever done, spread them out in the tall grass and gave the kids a bucket. It was a big hit, and even last longer than most egg hunts I’ve been to with my kids.

My designer takeaway: Keep a good stash of inspiration magazines and books. Sometimes you need help jump starting a great idea.

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