I really enjoyed the 100 Card Challenge I did a few years ago, and I’ve toyed with giving myself a repeat of that. So this year, I decided I would make all of my holiday cards. Notice I’ve started really early! 🙂

I usually send out about 50 cards. So I decided a good challenge would be to make 10 different designs and do 5 of each design.

Here are my first three designs.

These two are ones I’m reusing from my previous designs because I like them. Plus it’s a good way to use up some of my brad/eyelet stash (because if I use them up, I get to shop for more!).



The third is one I saw on Pinterest and really wanted to try my hand at making. It’s simple and yet really stunning. (I’ll admit that was a lot of scoring and cutting for five cards, though!)


Stay tuned for more cards!

My designer takeaway: Reuse ideas when you can, especially when they’re good ones!

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