Recently, I held a “ninja” party for my newly five-year-old son. This party was compiled completely from ideas I found on, and it was great! Now, I’ve heard people complain that is just one more way to feel like a failure (or at least a slacker) as a parent. While I get that, for this party, I made it work for me. For example, I found an activity I liked, but I didn’t have the energy to do it they way it was done on the blog I read. My solution, search Pinterest for that activity. And I found a great alternative that was easy for me, and a big hit with the kids.

Since these are all ideas that I borrowed from others (and of course changed to meet my needs), I’ll just share some photos and tips. Every event is a learning experience.

My designer takeaway: Instead of letting make you feel like you need to do more, make it work for you. Can it help you solve a problem or provide some alternative ideas?

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