At work, my department usually gets handed the unusual, one-time projects or events for the state government that don’t seem to have a natural landing place. One of those just happened, the state of Wyoming celebrated it’s 125th anniversary of statehood. It was a whirlwind event that turned out great. Here are visuals I created for this event based on a tourism sticker celebrating the 125th anniversary. (I didn’t create the sticker. It was selected by the 125th committee to serve as the event “logo”.)


As far as the eye-catching quality, it’s hard to miss the yellow and black combination! I pulled colors from the logo/sticker. Color is mostly what I used to grab attention.

I mixed in a little of our traditional western fonts for that “Wyoming” feel. Overall, I kept the design really simple and tried to ensure the basic/essential information was the star of the show. There wasn’t a lot of time to ponder options on this project. The first meeting I went to I brought two flyer options. Instead of saying which option they preferred, the committee asked how soon they could have it.


Initially, we didn’t have all the activities nailed down, but we wanted to start promoting the event. I created some simple icons to illustrate the activities for the event, trying to keep them similar to the style of the logo/sticker.

We hit just about every media outlet we could. I assisted with printed newspaper ads, banners around town and created and maintained a Facebook page for the event.

For the event itself, we created a lot of signage. Here is a sample.

My designer takeaway: The pace of this event planning was fast. What I learned was “go now, and don’t overthink it.”

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