I’m working on a Christmas card challenge I set for myself: 50 cards total, 10 designs, 5 of each design.

I shared my first three designs last time. Here are two more!


The first is just a simple design I was playing with. It’s a flat, simple print. The fun part about it being simple is that I’ll share it here as a FREE PRINTABLE!



The second one I designed because I love making snowflakes in Illustrator (and on paper). I love the copy, paste in place and rotate options. It’s fun to make something complex that way. After I made several snowflakes, I debated on how I wanted to use them. Then I realized I wanted to use up some of my basic card stash. I have a box of plain glitter cards that I couldn’t pass up on clearance. This would be a great way to embellish my gold glitter cards!

My designer takeaway: Copy and rotate. 🙂

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