These days, I feel very intrigued by ways to promote or enhance creativity, both for myself and for my little budding artist at home. I’ve found some really amazing ideas over the past several months. One of the overarching themes I keep seeing is “Do something different. Do something out of the norm. Break the rules.”

During a weekend getaway, my husband and I stumbled upon an author who has that all figured out. I’m sure this is old news to many, but if you need some guidance in this area, author Keri Smith has you covered.

For Mother’s Day, I received a copy of Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal, and it has been such a blast! I’ve been doing the various tasks with my almost six-year-old son, and we can’t wait to do more. (Typically we have to take a break to let a page dry.) While I’m mostly letting him fill in the pages, I certainly am testing my creativity to come up with the “how” we should do a page.


For example, one page said to draw a continuous line while riding on something moving. I decided we should put my son in a stroller and drive him around the yard and dirt driveway. He decided to attempt an entire drawing while in motion that way.


Another page said to draw with dirt. We decided to use a squirt gun to make some mud to draw with.


I also really enjoyed the page that was to be covered with tape. We had some awesome Star Wars duct tape that was waiting to be used!


My designer takeaway: Consider getting one of Keri Smith’s books or apps and having some fun alone or with a buddy breaking out of the norm. Keep in mind that it’s about the experience more than the end result.

*I would note that I wouldn’t do the Wreck This Journal with a child too young to understand how books should be treated. Not only would it encourage destructive behavior, but it also would lose some of the enjoyment from breaking the rules.

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