I’ve been MIA from my blog! But that doesn’t mean I have nothing to share! Spring tends to be a really busy time at work for me, and I’ve just felt too mentally fried to post.

Here is a fun project I did recently.


Before I get started, I’ll add the caveat that I did something here that I do not condone. I entered my design work in a logo contest. I don’t support working for free. That’s one of the ongoing challenges I face as a designer — that anyone can do it and there is no value to it.

The reason I did it was because it was for our local brewers festival, and I thought it would be fun. The best part about design for this was no one was telling me how to do it. I was my own boss. And if they don’t like, I don’t have to make changes. I just walk away.

Plus, way back in college, I really wanted to create an identity system for a liquor brand. They always have the most fun with their stuff! I love browsing at wine labels or beer logos. But, the instructor I had told me I couldn’t do that because I didn’t want that in my portfolio as I was looking for my first job. Sigh. I did a bank instead. Fun, right?

So I did a little research. I got excited because this sparked lots of ideas for me. This brewers festival is a fundraiser for our historic depot held at the depot. So, I thought that image should be included. Then I looked at general images for craft beer. The images that jumped out at me were bottle caps and the line of glasses with beautiful shades of brown beer in them. I had a other ideas as well, but those are what I chose to run with.

Here is what I did.



This first one has the tower of the depot on a bottle cap. I wanted it to look a little like a stamp. This one actually took a lot of time to get the right balance of detail and simplicity in the depot drawing.



The second one has the glasses that I love. I think the color version really is a lot of fun. This one took some experimenting to get the balance right from top image to bottom type.

I enjoy how these both turned out. I haven’t heard who won the contest, but it really doesn’t matter. I just did it for fun. It felt good to own the whole project.

My designer takeaway: If you get the chance, do some design work just because it’s fun. It’s good to feel excited and tied to a project.

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