This was a card I made for a friend who turned 70 a few years ago. She is a good spirit and loves a good laugh. My concept was simply to attach 70 standard birthday candles to a card. Did you know that 70 candles lined up takes up 14 inches?

Of course I had to make a custom card and print it on an 11 x 17 page. I decided to make it look like the top of a cake. If you have any interest in making your own version of this, you can download my card background here. Just print on 11 x 17, score the center, trim and fold.

Blank cake background for the candles.

Blank cake background for the candles.

The big thing I learned with this project was glueing wax candles in the summer is a challenge. I started on this project several days before I needed it because I was worried the glue wouldn’t hold. It tricked me by holding up until the day we needed it. Then a few here and there decided to come off. In the end, it was okay.

If I were to do this again, I might 1) make paper candles to use, 2) wrap a little paper strip around the candles tightly to glue, or 3) make a clear pocket to cover all the candles and hold them in place.

My designer takeaway: All projects, for work or fun, offer a learning experience!

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