I actually did this two years ago, but I’m contemplating another go at it. I challenged myself to making a new greeting card each day for 100 days. This stemmed from my days in the College of Design at Iowa State University. One of the tasks we received after being accepted into the program was to sketch 100 thumbnail layout options for our first assignment. Now, 100 is a good challenge. A lot of us can bust out 10 to 20 different ideas without batting an eye. We have those stockpiled in our minds. A hundred, though, takes you beyond what you normally do and into some crazy concepts. And, yes, sometimes it is just to fill your quota. But, sometimes those wacky ideas lead to something good.

This was a good and fun challenge for me. First of all, I had 100 greeting cards to use. Secondly, I got to design something for myself. Rarely am I the one I have to appease with my designs. It fed my artist need. It definitely pulled me away from my standard layouts and colors. I did cards for different holidays, with illustrations only, with text only, with embellishments, computer generated cards, handmade cards… It was a fun challenge, and it was a manageable task for each day (though at times I did a bunch and then skipped a few days).

So, maybe I’ll be announcing my next 100 challenge sometime soon.

My designer takeaway: Every so often, push the limits of your standard layouts or concepts.

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