MonthJune 2017

Pretending to be a Photographer 3.0

We recently took a cruise around Norway, and, of course, the scenary was incredibly inspiring.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Outside the Ascot Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lots of bikes around the city!

Alesund, Norway

We loved all the old ships at the Sunmore Museum in Alesund, Norway.

Amazing Fjords around Geringer, Norway, with the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

Rocks weighing down the strings on a loom at the Sunmore Museum in Alesund, Norway.

Water front property in Norway.

My designer takeaway: Traveling makes it easy to see things in a new perspective. Take advantage of that.

Pokemon Cakes

This year, we celebrated my son’s ninth birthday with a Pokemon theme. There are some pretty amazing sculpted cake ideas out there, but I like to keep it simple.

For his friend party, we made Pokeball cupcakes. These are really simple, half red, half white. Put a stripe of black down the middle, and a dot of black in the middle with an upside down white chocolate chip.

On his actualy birthday, we made a Pikachu cake. This, too, was really simple. It started with two nine inch round cakes. We trimmed the ears from one cake. You need a lot of yellow frosting, and then little bits of black, red and white (which we had left from the cupcakes, yay!).

My trip for creating the face is so draw the outline with a toothpick in the yellow frosting. Then you have a line to follow when drawing the rest. (If you don’t like it, you can smooth it over and try again.)

My Designer Takeaway: Keep it simple and tasty.

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