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Summer Flowers 2015

I usually share my gardening adventures each summer. Here’s a peek at this year’s flowers.

We had a weird, cold entire month of May, and it left me not in the mood for gardening. I went really simple this year, mostly sticking with pansies and petunias. They are sure pretty now, though.

I also tore out a big weedy/grassy chunk in the middle of my flowerbed. The ground was so wet from our cold rainy May that it was easy. I decided to leave it bare for this summer and keep pulling the weeds from that area. Hopefully next summer it will be ready for something new.

My designer takeaway: This summer’s lessons were (1) to just keep going (when I really didn’t feel like planting because the effort was worth it in time), and (2) it’s okay to rip it all out and start over!

Pretending to be a Photographer

I love to play around with photography every now and then. I wish I did it more often (because I’d probably be much better at it). Anyway, this week, I thought I’d share a few of my better shots from our recent camping trip into the mountains. It was so beautiful there that it was hard not to take photos! How’s that for inspiration!

I played around with natural lighting with these (and usually that meant waiting for a cloud to cover the bright sun so I could get a richer tone to my photos).

My designer takeaway: Practice makes us better, and sometimes it’s even fun to practice!

3 Free Nature Textures

Apparently I’m still on a texture kick (not really a surprise). We recently took a family camping trip into the mountains. I found myself snapping close ups of rocks and bark to use as background texture for future work projects. I find all kinds of uses for nature images in my day job. I’m excited to have some new options available whenever I need them.

I picked a few of those images to share with you here. Download them, and use them anywhere you need a little natural texture!

My designer takeaway: Always good to beef up your supply of background textures for a future use!

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