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Holiday Card Challenge – Post 4


Here are the last three designs in my holiday card challenge = 50 cards total, 10 designs, 5 of each design. In case you missed my first three posts with cards one through seven, they are here, here and here.

This week, I went for variations of the traditional rich holiday color tones, the red, green and gold. And I also wanted to use some of brad/eyelet stash. 🙂


This first card uses on the techniques I love, creating visual texture with words and fonts. Here it’s a nice layer that you almost don’t notice, but makes a really simple card a little more interesting.


For the second card, I decided to use some kind of phrase on it, since I really haven’t done that on any of the others. I did a little online search and found one I liked. I highlighted some words with a typeface change. Here I also used symmetry, which is not something I normally do, but it’s playful in this instance with the bright colors and contemporary shapes. Layering the text and adding the eyelets gives this some dimension.


The third card I created based on my snowflake brads. I thought it would be fun just to cover the whole card in snowflakes, which was actually a bit time consuming as I played around with what size/rotation should go where. I could have spent more time adjusting all of these! The I picked three spots, deleted my vector snowflake and left a spot for the brad. My hope was that the brads would sort of blend in, but then add a surprise 3D visual. This may or may not have been successful, but it was still fun.

My designer takeaway: Playfulness can be a good design element: play with your typefaces, play with your colors and play with the arrangement!

Holiday Card Challenge – Post 3


Here are designs six and seven in my holiday card challenge = 50 cards total, 10 designs, 5 of each design. In case you missed my first two posts with cards one through five, they are here and here.

My theme for this week was something out of the ordinary.


With this first card, I wanted to use non-traditional colors for the card. I went with orange and blue. Then I played with layering patterns, color and paper.


For the second card, I decided to go for something playful. I have these fantastic eyeball brads. I thought it would be great to add them to a card because they give it a 3D element and focal point. I decided a reindeer would be fun to create, and when I discovered the eyes were way larger than I thought, I fell in love with the cuteness/unexpectedness they brought.

My designer takeaway: For this week, try to create something with elements out of the ordinary, unusual colors, patterns or features.

Holiday Card Challenge – Post 2

I’m working on a Christmas card challenge I set for myself: 50 cards total, 10 designs, 5 of each design.

I shared my first three designs last time. Here are two more!


The first is just a simple design I was playing with. It’s a flat, simple print. The fun part about it being simple is that I’ll share it here as a FREE PRINTABLE!



The second one I designed because I love making snowflakes in Illustrator (and on paper). I love the copy, paste in place and rotate options. It’s fun to make something complex that way. After I made several snowflakes, I debated on how I wanted to use them. Then I realized I wanted to use up some of my basic card stash. I have a box of plain glitter cards that I couldn’t pass up on clearance. This would be a great way to embellish my gold glitter cards!

My designer takeaway: Copy and rotate. 🙂

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