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Collage Wall

Here is a quick peek at a recent project, a collage wall (welcome to the club, right). It was a lot fun. I’m not quite done. A thermostat left me with an awkward spot, and I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with it. I think it will just have to blend it, in the end.


The fun part of this collage wall was that these were framed things that were already in my house! I didn’t have to buy or find any of them. They’ve just been chillin in my basement or other rooms for way too long. Of course, that gave them an instant eclectic look, which I enjoy. It was also low cost, which I also enjoy. 🙂

I started by laying these out on the floor. I moved things around trying to balance the brown and black frames, the large and small pieces, and the photos and other artwork. I enjoy the variety. I hope I can keep that balance as we finish it up.

Then we decided a middle height for everything. We debated about the best place to start. In the end, we started on an edge. After those, we hung the biggest pieces and filled in, evening out all the spaces.

My designer takeaway: This was a good little design test of both visual balance and using a grid to make unrelated items fit together.

Kicking off the New Year

Last year as the new year rolled around, I got caught by the ‘try new things’ bug. It was exciting and fun. I made goals of trying new classes, reading new books, working on sketching and hand lettering, and blogging each week. But this year, I don’t have that need.

I’ve been trying to decide what should be a focus for my year, and I realized that I really just want to keep working on the things I’ve started. I like the path I’m on. What a refreshing thing to say! I want to finish up some projects that are midstream and check them off my list. I want to see if I can keep blogging and improving my design skills.


Last year, I made a goal for myself to produce a blog post each week, 52 blog posts. At first, I was rocking it. I would write three at a time and schedule them out. Then I got into the week by week mode, which mostly worked. One major thing that impacted my blogging was that I took on the social media duties as work. This severely diminished my desire to work on social media at home. I love all that I’m learning, but I’m still trying to balance that. I almost made my goal with 50 posts. The holidays threw me off at the end, but I’m proud of my output. The challenge I gave myself was to see if I had that much to say. I’m pretty close. I think I could get better. I haven’t decided if I have the same goal for this year yet. We’ll see.

So there it is. My designer takeaway: Sometimes you need to stay the course and trust that you headed yourself in the right direction. It doesn’t always have be new and exciting.

Happy New Year – Free Printable Card


I’m celebrating the New Year with a free printable New Year’s card!


Print on cardstock. Score on dotted line. Card folds to 4 x 5.5 inches, and fits in an A2 or 5 1/2 Baronial envelope. Enjoy!

Download the PDF.

Happy 2015!

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