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The ‘Creative Making’ List

Christmas seems to be a time of “making” for me. We make goodies for our neighbors. We make letters/cards for friends and family. We make decorations, and we make crafts with the kids. Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to lately! (It feels good to list the things I’ve accomplished this time of year, but the to-do list is still plenty long!)


Goodie plates:
I always get together with my mother and spend most of a day baking. We put together full plates of a variety of goodies to deliver to our neighbors. I love spending the day with my mom baking and listening to Christmas tunes. Puts us in the holiday spirit! Sometimes the kids help, too. I also love delivering the plates. We catch up with our wonderful neighbors. They know we’re coming each year!


Christmas letter:
I’m still into the Christmas letter. I still hand write in each card too. I like the process of it all. Spending the time to look back through our photos and select a few of each of us is fun. It reminds me of what happened that year and how far we’ve come. It’s a great chance to see all the wonderful moments that made up the year. I like thinking about each person I send cards to as I sign their card. Those are the moments that put me in the holiday spirit, thinking of family and friends.


There always seems to be some kind of holiday craft on my to-do list each year. This outdoor wreath has been on the list for a year (and I’ve had the supplies sitting around that long, too)! And I finally made it! It only took about two hours and was a fun process! I also learned how to make a lovely bow with ribbon wrapped around a box. How did I not know this!


Christmas Trees with Kids:
The last few years, our family has made gingerbread houses. While fun, it seemed like more of a grownup chore than fun for the kids. I dialed it back this year with an easy and still tasty Christmas tree made from an ice cream cone covered in frosting. The kids loved this project. I introduced them to red hots for the first time. They loved daring each other to eat them!

My designer takeaway: Make a list of all that you’ve accomplished. What a mental boost this time of year!

Holiday Gift Tags – Free Printable

Today I’m sharing another free printable! These are for your holiday gifts. Enjoy!


Download the PDF, print on cardstock and cutout.

My designer takeaway: Today it’s jump on the bandwagon and made something fun like everyone else!

Feeling Like an Artist

Awhile ago, I listened to a Ted Talk by an artist, and something she said stuck in my mind. She said that when she started, she didn’t feel like an artist. She said she thought artists produced artwork and, maybe if she could do that on a regular basis, she would feel like an artist. I would like to do that also, but I don’t make the time.

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I do any drawing. My immediate response was that I use to do a lot in college, but I don’t find the time anymore. Then I realized that was wrong. I do draw for work; it’s just different. It’s very purposeful drawing to communicate a certain message as opposed to fine art drawing for my own reasons.

I thought I’d share a few of those drawings today. I am putting those drawing classes to use.

My designer takeaway: Designers tend to wear many hats throughout the design process. Give yourself some credit!

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