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Vacation Postcards

We are taking a vacation sans kids! While we’ve really been looking forward to this, if you have kids you’ll know, I’ve been feeling guilty about leaving them. So, I made them a fake postcard for each day. I hope they feel thought about and loved when they read them.


I went for fake postcards because a real one would never make it to them before we return. I wanted one for each day. And, my kids are young enough that they might not even know the difference. 🙂


I also thought they might enjoy seeing a picture of something we’ll see each day. On the back, I tried to give them a couple facts and then relate it to something they’ve done or can do. I commented on what might have happened that day of the week for them.

Hopefully this will ease some of my guilt for leaving them because I intend to enjoy the break very much!

My designer takeaway: This could be a fun idea for a child, niece, nephew, other relative or friend, anyone you want to know you care while you’re gone.

Inspiring Children’s Books

My kids recently finished the summer reading program at our local library, and their prizes for finishing were books. One of the books they earned reminded me how amazing design can be in children’s books. I’m not just talking about the illustrations. Of course the illustrations can be spetacular! Sometimes I fall in love with a book just because of the illustrations (Who cares what it’s about, right!).

But here, I’m talking about the typography and layout — the whole package. It can be really simple and yet add so much to the story.

Here’s the new one that I fell in love with, the design and story!

I am so taken with Klutz brand activity books. These are amazing, well thought out, well designed and really fun to do!

I love this ABC book. Look at detail in letters to give them the qualities of their character. And they are spot varnished with a gloss to make them really pop.

And this book is my very favorite kids’ book. This is the one I always give at baby showers. The typography is simple, but look how it conveys the message.

My designer takeaway: Inspiration can come from everyday experiences, even when you aren’t looking for it.

Anniversary Card – Free Printable

Today I needed an anniversary card. And, I’m going to share with you what I’ve created. There is a caveat, though. I see this free printable as a background. It still needs a focal point. So, you can print this and use it, but you must embellish it with something dimensional. It might be a small square photo of the couple, a paper flower, a pocket for a gift card or whatever you can dream up. Just make sure you give it something that pops.

Thanks and enjoy!


Download the PDF here.

This card needs to be printed on cardstock, scored along the middle line, cut out and folded. It’s long and skinny, but it will fit in a standard No. 10 business envelope.

Photo Thank You Cards – Part 2

Easter Thank You

Easter Thank You

Awhile back, I wrote about the photo thank yous I make for relatives from my kids for birthdays and holidays. These have always been a hit, and I see them hanging at relatives’ home when we visit. Well, this is one of those things from my personal life that has nudged its way into my professional life.

It seems our number of events at work is expanding each year. Of course, we always want to tell those who dedicate their money, time and energy how much we appreciate them. We’ve done this through a variety of different methods over the years, but now we seem to be settling into using photo thank you cards.

This means we develop a different card with images of each event for the people we need to thank. Depending on the number of people we need to thank or the level of impact they’ve made, we may personalize each one by switching out the images or messages, or we may make a generic one for everyone complete with a printed message inside.

After some experimentation, we’ve settled into making a long skinny card, approximately 9 inches wide by 4 inches tall. The reason for the odd size is that it fits in our standard No. 10 business envelopes. That’s right, we’re keeping it simple!

Here are a few samples just to give you some ideas:

My designer takeaway:
Re-purpose your successful ideas whenever possible to get even more mileage out of them.

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