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Card Tradition

There is a fun tradition in my family that my brother and I just put to use. Our family lives all over the U.S., and it’s not always practical to get together for the big celebrations. Instead, we put out a call for cards, a sort of “card party”.

This summer, my parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We were told, “No party!” Instead, we came up with a great idea to send them to a cabin where they spent part of their honeymoon. But, we still wanted everyone to know about the occasion. So we sent out our invitation for cards.

Card Party Letter

Card Party Letter

It was a success. My parents had a nice stack of cards that they opened with breakfast on their anniversary. What a nice way to start the day. And some of those sending the cards were so clever, including $40 for 40 years and even a photo album of old photos of the two of them.

My designer takeaway: This is a great way to make someone feel loved!

County Fair

We have a small county fair in my town, but we love to go. Every year as we walk through the exhibit entries, I think of all the things I could have entered. Well, this year I actually did it! I entered three of my knitting projects.

Red knit socks entered in our county fair.

Red knit socks entered in our county fair.

– One is a pair of red socks I knitted a while ago. I intended to enter them last year, but it didn’t happen. They sat and waited for me to get it together, though. 🙂
Blue knit hat entered in our county fair.

Blue knit hat entered into our county fair.

– Another is a hat I started in my knitting class this past year. One of the few projects I’ve finished.
Knit toddler 24 month dress.

Knit toddler 24 month dress.

-The last item was a toddler dress that I started in class also. I’m very proud of this one (not because it’s good) because it’s my first time knitting cables, and I finished in time for my daughter to wear it (once because she hated wearing it … ha!)

After I entered, I had a deep fear that I wouldn’t get a ribbon at all. But, alas, I got a first and two second place ribbons. I’m encouraged to try again next year. (Rumor has it that the judges will only give second place ribbons to knitting projects without any fancy stitches, no matter how well done. At least it makes me feel better, even if it’s not true.)

My designer takeaway: Most of the time, we work behind the scenes, without our signature on our work. We should enter our work and be recognized for what we do (of course, I have a hard time paying to enter my design work in contests… gulp).

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